On Story

Recently I was invited to speak at a fundraiser dinner for the Cal State University, San Bernardino School of Business.  Hosted by the Ontario Convention Center, it was an event highlighting social entrepreneurs in the area, with the thematic title, “Start Something That Matters”. I was flattered to be invited. But as I dug a […]

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On Keeping Promises

So, I’m taking advantage of the pace of summer by following through on a promise I made to my three boys… For the past two years, they have been asking for a treehouse in the back yard.  There were two problems with this:  First, we had a newborn, and although he would have loved quality […]

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On a Chapter’s Pause

So… The decision I’ve both been yearning for and dreading has finally been made.  It was one of those that I had been pondering for months, reading the signposts, and genuinely wrestling with the decision, wanting so bad to make it at the right time, for the right reasons. But then a minor medical incident […]

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On Profits vs. Benefits

OK, so I’m just as human as the next person, apparently… I started Wild Goose with philanthropic interests in mind:  helping the needy, using our coffee as a vehicle for good, etc.  It has been an amazing journey of social enterprise; that strange balance between philanthropy and capitalism that can drive even the most honest-hearted […]

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